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Many pastors and leaders struggle alone with all kinds of sexual struggles and distortions because they fear the consequences of seeking help. Many feel that if and when they confess their temptations and struggles they could risk of losing their jobs and ministries. For years they wrestle with unwanted desires, until one day they cross boundaries they vowed they would never cross and end up exposed, often losing their families, jobs, and reputation.

Does this sound familiar?

Is this you?

If your answer is, YES, then we are here to help!

The HELP ME Initiative was created to help
Pastors and Leaders to...

  • CONFIDENTIALLY reach out for help.

  • Find the right resources that will assist them in their journey towards healing.

  • Implement the tools they will need to deal with their struggles such as, but not limited to, boundaries and accountability.  

  • Walk in Freedom through a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ!

Our goal is to equip pastors and leaders to learn how to confess temptation in order to avoid having to confess sin, and deal with its consequences!

If this is for you, contact us by completing our Confidential inquiry form below.

Please read our Confidentiality Policy.

Thank you for taking such a big step of courage! We will be in contact with you shortly to help you start your journey towards freedom!


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