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The Association of Biblical Sexuality (ABS) leadership will hold as confidential all disclosures made in the context of its Programs with these FIVE exceptions:

1. All Directors and Leaders reserve the right and responsibility to consult matters of concern disclosed by any inquiring party for the purpose of receiving supervision, accountability, and oversight. This oversight will occur in supervision by ABS' leadership and may be attended by other leaders, or directly with a ABS leader, director, program coordinator, or paid volunteer.

2. Anyone who discloses intentions to take harmful, dangerous or criminal action against another human being or against him/herself will necessitate the Association of Biblical Sexuality to warn appropriate individuals of such intentions. Suspected acts of child abuse or neglect will be reported to appropriate state and/or local authorities. Those warned may include a variety of such persons as:

  • the person or family of the person who is likely to suffer the results of the harmful behavior;

  • the family member who intends to harm him/herself or someone else;

  • associates or friends of those threatened or making threats, and;

  • law enforcement officials and/or child protective services.

3. The Association of Biblical Sexuality operates under the covering and blessing of our Board of Directors. While insuring confidentiality and anonymity of all inquiries, the Association of Biblical Sexuality leadership reserves the right to disclose confidential information to our Board of Directors for the purpose of pastoral oversight, accountability, and counsel. The Board of Directors members are also bound to confidentiality and will limit knowledge and discussion of these matters only among themselves and exclusively within the scope and purpose of the Board of Directors design.

4. The Association of Biblical Sexuality may release confidential matters as ordered by a court of competent jurisdiction.

5. The Association of Biblical Sexuality may release your confidential information if you expressly waive your right to protection of said information.

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