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Certification in Biblical Sexuality Ministry is a rigorous two-year program created and taught by leading experts in the field of biblical sexuality who have helped thousands of people overcome sexual and relational brokenness through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Christian individuals will be able to gain the expertise, skills, and knowledge necessary for addressing sexuality issues in their Church or Christ-centered organization from the perspective of God's design for sexuality as revealed in God's Word.


The program is organized into the following four phases.


Post Certification

Phase 1
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4 Days  I  In-person

This first phase of the program focuses on helping candidates better understand their own sexual narratives and God's design for sexuality. Candidates will be invited to be vulnerable about their past and current sexual struggles in preparation for biblical sexuality ministry, personal-healing, and accountability. This is the only phase of the program where candidates are required to attend in-person.

2025 Cohort Information


January 20-23, 2025


Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Fort Worth, Texas

Phase 2


9 Months  I  Online Synchronous

This is the Online Synchronous Learning phase of the program that has a duration of nine (9) months and is composed of the following four (4) practical areas:

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The monthly Mentorship Meetings will focus on best practices for biblical sexuality ministry.


These synchronous zoom meetings will occur on the FIRST Monday of every month, starting in February and finishing in October. They will run from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm Central Time. June will be a break month. 

All eight (8) Mentorship Meetings are required to qualify for Phase 3. Make-up assignments are available in case of absence. 

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Up to 1 year  I  Supervised Independent Study 

During this third phase, candidates will develop and apply a biblical and redemptive response to a relevant sexuality-related issue within their churches or organizations. A paper will then be written and defended before a panel of members of the Institution's National and Global Advisory Boards. Phase three is expected to be completed within one year. If needed, candidates can apply for a maximum one-year extension.

Phase 3

The final paper will include the following chapters:

  • Introduction to the Problem

  • Theological Rationale

  • Literature Review

  • Methodology

  • Analysis of Findings



Every 2 years  I  On-going Professional Development

The Institute of Biblical Sexuality is committed to keeping its Certified Biblical Sexuality Ministers (CBSM) connected, encouraged, and equipped to respond biblically and redemptively to sexuality issues in their churches and organizations. In order to keep current in the field of biblical sexuality and renew their certification every two years, CBSMers will participate in a variety of professional development opportunities provided and recommended by the Institute.

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Phase 4


Have an inclination to respond biblically and redemptively to sexuality issues within their church or Christ-centered organization.

Have the desire to better understand and embrace God's design for sexuality, the willingness to be vulnerable about their sexual narrative, and the goal of equipping others to do the same.

Hold a part-time, full-time, or volunteer ministerial position in a church or Christ-centered organization that will support the candidate to develop and implement an Action Based Project during phase three of the program.

Have the support and recommendation of a pastor or organization leader to enroll in the program and commission the candidade as a Certified Biblical Sexuality Minister upon achieving certification.

Be in full agreement with the Institute of Biblical Sexuality Statement of Faith.

Be in full agreement with the Nashville Statement on Biblical Sexuality.


Certification Program


Request information

on payment plan.

Additional Costs

Estimated Book Costs : $150.00

Phase 1 Airfare & Transportation to/from airport and venue.

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