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     Years ago, just like the cover of a 500-piece puzzle, the Lord gave Bruno the "Big Picture" and calling to encourage and equip the Church and Christ-centered organizations on how to respond biblically and redemptively to all matters related to human sexuality. Little by little, throughout his ministerial journey, God has given him the pieces of this puzzle. And earlier in 2021, God put these pieces together revealing His strategies and the green light to move forward through the Institute of Biblical Sexuality.

     A native from Brazil, Bruno moved to the United States at the age of nine and grew up right outside of New York City where he eventually met and married his amazing and beautiful wife, Giselle. Three kids later in 2016, they moved to Texas to serve with Living Hope Ministries after years of serving in the local church and as a missionary. He and his family are active members at Fielder Baptist Church where he is also an ordained pastor.


Bruno's passion and calling for the field of biblical sexuality comes from his personal experience of transformation through his encounter and relationship with Jesus Christ. His story can be seen more in details through his testimony below:

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B.S. in Organizational
Non-Profit Management



M.A in Education



Ph.D. in Family Ministry
(Biblical Sexuality)


His working dissertation,

“An Attempt to Achieve a Consensus on the Definition of the Term Biblical Sexuality: A Delphi Study,”

provides a theology of God’s design for sexuality aimed at equipping the Church to respond biblically and redemptively to human sexuality.


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