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Calling All Pastors and Leaders Who Are Struggling with Sexual Distortions

Launching the HELP ME Initiative: Our Response to the SBC Report.

This past Sunday, a report from Guidepost Solutions was released to the public detailing a great number of sexual abuse incidents within the Southern Baptist Convention. This is certainly heartbreaking news as no one should ever have to go through any type of sexual abuse, as this was never part of God's design for sexuality. In the Garden of Eden, God ordained humans to "have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth," but never over each other. Our hearts go out to all the victims of this post-fall, sexually distorted, sad, and unacceptable reality.

At this point the entire world has its eyes on how the Southern Baptist Convention will answer these allegations. As the Church, we need to be praying for the newly appointed leadership to be humble and sensitive to the voice of the Holy Spirit with every step that they take. Only God can help fix such a problem. However, the Church should not stand idle regarding these issues. Sexual distortions are a reality that impacts 100% of the members of every Church because every human was created by God as a sexual being. The problem is that every human is also inclined towards sin. We all have either struggled or are still struggling with some sort of sexual distortion, but very few have found a safe space to seek help before something drastic, like sexual abuse, takes place.

The Association of Biblical Sexuality (ABS) exists and is committed to encourage and equip the Church to respond biblically and redemptively to all matters regarding human sexuality. While justice needs and will hopefully take place with those who have already fallen in this area, the ABS is committed to helping our fellow pastors and leaders, who are struggling with any sexual distortion, to find the help that they need before boundaries that should never be crossed are done so.

As we pray for this situation, it is important to keep in mind that people do not become sexual offenders over night. For years they struggle with temptation prior to acting on it. Sadly, the Church has historically limited pastors and leaders to seek the help that they need because the moment they do, they run the risk of losing their jobs, ministries, community, and reputation. Who would seek help under these circumstances? Would you?

So, if you are a pastor or a leader in a church or Christ-centered organization, who is struggling with any kind of sexual distortion, the Association of Biblical Sexuality is ready to help you. We are launching the HELP ME Initiative to help you to:

  • CONFIDENTIALLY reach out for help.

  • Find the right resources that will assist you in your journey towards healing.

  • Implement the tools you will need to deal with your struggles such as, but not limited to, boundaries and accountability.

  • Walk in Freedom through a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ!

Our goal is to equip pastors and leaders to develop the habit within the right structure to confess temptation in order to avoid having to confess sin, and deal with its consequences.

If this is for you, please visit us at Your inquiry is strictly CONFIDENTIAL and we will do our best to find you the help that you need.

As for churches, we are committed to equip you on developing healthy and appropriate accountability amongst your staff, as well as, point you towards resources that will help you journey through any sexual related situation between staff and members.

In the Gospels, we witness Jesus responding to cultural issues with a balance of Truth and Grace as he drew all kinds of sinful people (including those with sexual sin) into His Kingdom and transformed their lives. The good news is that Jesus is STILL in the business of transforming lives, and at the ABS we believe, and have already seen, this power at work in the area of sexuality.

Let us unite in prayer for the victims, SBC, church leadership, and also be proactive towards preventing history from repeating.

In Christ's Love,

Bruno Borges


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